Game created for js13kGames 2022 where each game must be written in JavaScript and has a 13kb space limit.

Theme: Death

Become a Necromancer and feed on death to increase your power.

Remember that a true Necromancer doesn't need much time to reach the peak of his abilities, understand the nature of death and use it in the most perfect way.

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PC Controls:

  • Right Mouse - use the card
  • Left Mouse - move the card

Mobile Controls: 

Use the button in the bottom left corner to change the game mode.

In the top left corner you can find a hidden button for a full restart (press four times to activate).

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorCUTFUJI games
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
TagsCasual, Idle
Average sessionA few minutes


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Uh, I need a very basic short tutorial for this game, I got no clue what I am doin..

I recommend watching the gameplay, in short you have to add values to a harvest card, by clicking on the right card you activate it, each card has a description of what it does. You move the cards with the left mouse.

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I tried to harvest infinity in the least amount of harvest possible:

My best run :

Sub 40 Harvest is definitely possible but I don't think that sub 30 is.

infinity nice

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Finally, get infinity! Nice game

Tupla V voitto!

W win!


I did it! Look at the e

Congrats sir, very impressive.

How can i reset the run if i did somethig stupid thats now permanent?

Top left corner - restart button, there are instructions in the description.

How are the cards supposed to work

The function of the cards is described when you move the mouse over them.


I think my cards aren't working properly but it might be a browser thing I don't kno

How do the dead fields work


Dead Field is a term for the game board, since you have this card you have unlocked two columns for cards.

What means "when all candles are lit"  

never mind....was not clicky enough

how do the candles get lit? I can't figure it out.

click it like its hot...

hey, question, When do you get the ability to sacrifice cards? my run has slowed and I can't find the reset button.

A sacrifice restart requires buying the last card of the rank III, a hard restart that removes all progress is hidden in the upper left corner (to the left of the game name)

This is SO MUCH fun! I love the theme and the style. 

Thank you for all the work you put into this game

Hey, just tried this on the js13k games website and had a lot of fun! I just have a small suggestion/request. Add a button that resets all saved data so you can restart from scratch.

(2 edits) (+1)

"In the top left corner you can find a hidden button for a full restart (press four times to activated)." in the description. :P

I'm glad you like it. :)

Thanks man! Hope you do well in the competition! ;)

The game description is wrong, it says bottom left instead of top left.

Bottom left refers to button for mobile control, can only be seen playing on mobile ;)

but where though, I can't find it even wiht an autoclicker

The button is hidden between the left side of the game and the name of the game, when clicked you can see the button frame.

thanks! I got the regular game reset through struggling and different methods.


pretty fun ;gets a bit tedious after first loop as you need to merge thousands of cards to spend all your points.

The game is highly limited in size and also I ran out of time to continue working on it so after a while the balance of the gameplay went out the window :P I thought it was fun and left it, I'm glad you liked the game despite the small problems.

yeah really good game,minimal bugs and only one issue with Ultra end game, would love to see a further expansion and development on this game.